Chorus invests in 2 types of setups :

Chorus invests in 2 types of setups :


Minority stakes
From €30K to €100K

  • Young start-ups with about one year of existence
  • Mostly in co-investment
  • Mentoring with a Chorus Partner or Manager
  • Access to “at-cost” resources from the Chorus team

Majority stakes
From €500K to €2M

  • SMEs with a significant improvement potential around digital transformation
  • 1 Chorus Partner at the Executive Committee with an operational function.
  • Access to all of Chorus’s resources to achieve a successful digital transformation

Our minor investments*

*Chorus, Antipodes investissement (Chorus Holding), or its leader Frédéric Bartoli

sociétés dans lesquelles nous investissons

Critères d’investissement :

Contexte d’investissement : cession, départ en retraite, recomposition de l’actionnariat, association avec les managers en place etc.